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A leader in our field, Dust Suppression offers innovative, scientifically backed solutions for revegetation, dust suppression and erosion control of large scale sites. With a company ethos based on finding sustainable and efficient solutions, each project is met with a tailored approach for proven and reliable results. With more than 25 years of industry experience, our unparalleled results are backed by our project success guarantee.

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Dust Suppression for Trafficked Areas

Introducing RoadBond

Minimise the impact of dust on unsealed roads, haul roads and hard stands with our innovative RoadBond solution. As a resourceful and cost-effective solution, RoadBond delivers a surface crust that binds dust particles together and stabilises soil surface with ease. With a commitment to worksite safety, it alleviates the negative impact of unsealed dust on the health of personnel, the environment and surrounding communities.

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Dust Suppression for Non-Trafficked Areas

Introducing SuppressXâ„¢

Eliminate dust lift off and erosion with a scientifically formulated and environmentally friendly solution. Engineered to provide dust suppression without changing the composition of the substrate beneath, SuppressX can be applied onto all forms of tailings and minerals, ash dams, stockpiles and substrates.

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Dust Suppression for Revegetation

Introducing HydroBond

A dust suppressant formulated using polymers and proprietary additives, HydroBond is permeable to air and water providing the most suitable environment for germination of seedlings to take place. Engineered to penetrate and bind a variety of soil and sand surfaces, HydroBond caters to Australia's diverse substrates. With a company commitment to the environment, HydroBond is both environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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